Sardinia wedding destination

Lucilla and Matteo chose Sardinia as their wedding destination. They took a plane from Milan and together with their family and friends celebrated this wonderful day.This area of Sardinia is beautiful, very rugged and unique compared to the rest of the island. A quite isolated part and only accessible to the most adventurous.

It was a long-awaited wedding. With a pandemic going on, the chances of something going wrong were high. But as they say, hope springs eternal. And Lucilla and Matteo chose to believe in this day more than anything else.

Their lovestory

They met in Sardinia. He is half Sardinian and has always been up and down between Rome and Cala Gonone for work. She was from Milan, on holiday in this wonderful town by the sea.

They met by chance in a club and slowly love was born. An overwhelming love that in a few years led them to marriage. And what better location than the one where they met?

They had to find a place halfway to allow friends and family to attend their wedding, so they celebrated their love in the small church in the centre of the village.

Something about Cala Gonone

In Cala Gonone the weather is super variable, the mountains behind you never know what they will bring. Other times I have taken photos in that area and seen the four seasons pass in one day.

You can see the shooting made near there here.

That day, despite the not-so-reassuring forecast, the weather was friendly and spared us all the most important moments of the day.

The reception was full of emotion. There were moving and loving speeches, dancing and lots of laughter.

The floral arrangements and tables were arranged by Antonella Flore, a great professional with whom I have worked on other occasions. If you need some inspiration, take a look at the set up created for the Scent of Sardinia shoot at this link.

Lucilla and Matteo are two enthusiastic young people full of life. A wonderful, very special relationship has developed between them!
Have a good life guys, I wish you the best!


PHOTO: Clementin Photo
VIDEO: Feel Emotion Nuoro
VENUE: Hotel Nuraghe Arvu
FLORAL: Antonella Flore
MAKEUP: Maddalena Useli
MUSIC: Musiche per cerimonie
DJ: The Simons duo