Inspiration wedding details

24 March 2020

Certainly the details for me are a fundamental part of the wedding service. They tell a lot about the spouses. If they pay particular attention they will certainly want them to be photographed properly.
This is why I always start with accessories. First of all it helps me to become familiar with the people and the environment around me. While photographing the details, some people usually approach curiously saying “oh, see how he photographs the shoes? How nice, I never thought of that!” They also ask me why I put the shoes in a certain way for example or why I always look for flowers.
Obviously for details I do not mean only the accessories of the couple, but everything that is designed to make the wedding day unique.
I refer to the invitations for example, or the table decorations or everything coordinated designed by couples to enhance their wedding and make the location pleasant for the guests.
How do you imagine the wedding of your dreams? Flowers, colors or simplicity?

destination wedding photographer clementin photo  destination wedding photographer clementin photo details


destination wedding photographer clementin photo  wedding-clementin-photo-piedmont-turin-details

wedding-clementin-photo-piedmont-turin-groom details  wedding-clementin-photo-piedmont-turin-groom details


wedding-clementin-photo-piedmont-turin-details  wedding-clementin-photo-piedmont-turin-details

destination wedding photographer italy  destination wedding photographer italy

destination wedding photographer italy

And so? Were you inspired by these magnificent details?
All the photos were taken for Clementin Photo | Les Amis Photo | Joy Photographers | Laura Stramacchia